Zynga has just released a surprise update in FarmVille bringing in a really cool new feature: the introduction of the FarmVille Garage, a new construction that will make our life as virtual farmers a lot easier. The Garage is a feature you don’t want to miss out, so check out this complete guide to the FarmVille Garage to know everything about this great new feature!

What is the Garage in FarmVille?

This is a new building that allows you to both store the FarmVille vehicles (harvester, tractor and seeder) and upgrade each of them in order to improve their productivity (aka have a wider range).

How to get the FarmVille Garage?

First of all, this building is unlocked for players level 22 and above. If you meet these requirements, you can go to the market and buy the Garage frame for 50,000 coins and place it anywhere in your farm. Now you will need Garage building materials and these can be received from asking your friends or as free gifts from your neighbors.

In order to build the garage, you will need the following construction materials: 10 Bricks, 10 Nails, 10 Wooden Boards. In order to speed up the process of getting them, you can ask for more by clicking the appropriate button in the Garage menu screen, you can wait to receive them as gifts from neighbors or you can simply buy them for 1 Farm Cash per construction material.

After you finish building your garage, you can store your vehicles in it (there’s a limit of 20 vehicles that can be stored). How to store a vehicle in the FarmVille garage? Simply click it and select the Store option. Also after upgrading the garage you will get the Upgrade Vehicle function.

How to upgrade FarmVille Vehicles in the Garage?

Simply click the building and select “Look inside”. There you will see listed your vehicles and the option to upgrade them. In order to do that, you will need Vehicle Parts, which can be received as free gifts from your neighbors.

Upgraded vehicles will cover more plows, therefore reducing the time needed to spend taking care of your farm. Also, for now at least, the maximum level you can upgrade your vehicles to is 4. For each vehicle, you need the following amount of parts in order to upgrade it:

– Level 1: 2 Parts
– Level 2: 5 Parts
– Level 3: 10 Parts (you must be at least level 26)
– Level 4: 15 Parts (you must be at least level 26)

And that’s it! You’re ready for a better farming experience in FarmVille! What do you think about this new feature?

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