Welcome to Vegas, baby! That’s what the lucky VIP users get to see in Mafia Wars starting today as the Mafia Wars Las Vegas Beta has gone live with tons of great new features. If you’re curious to find out all the details about the new stage in MW, as well as an intro guide, read on and have fun!

First of all – how to get into the Las Vegas Beta? You need to collect as many chips as possible and click the “Try for VIP access” button. There, depending on the number of chips you have, you can try your luck to entry the beta. And having in mind that the biggest chance (20% only) comes with 50+ chips, you might have some waiting to do. Either way… good luck in your quest to entering Las Vegas!

And when you’re in, what to do? There are a lot of new features in this chapter. For example, you can pick various paths to conquer the city and depending on what you choose you get different jobs. There are 6 new episodes for now in Vegas and they’re called Districts – there are multiple types of jobs and they are described by icons: the lighting icon shows a mission that requires energy to be completed, the gun indicates that stamina is needed, the loudspeaker is for social missions (where you need help from friends but for now they’re not available) and finally the person icon that indicates a boss fight.

If regular energy missions are completed as in the past, the new Stamina Las Vegas jobs are really interesting: a random real player is drawn by the game from the fight list and if you win, you gain progress. This adds a bit of interaction and makes the game even cooler! Add to that the fact that no health is lost when doing such missions and we have a winner already and certainly a mission type to see in the future!

Of course, the new Vegas jobs and missions drop tons of new loot and special items, but that’s for you to find out while exploring the new and amazing feature of Mafia Wars.

Did you get into the Mafia Wars Las Vegas yet?


  1. If I may ask a question about MW Las Vegas. I chose the energy path and completed districts 1 thru 5. District 6 is locked. Do I have to complete the attack path and the social path before I can get District 6 unlocked?
    If you could answer it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jerry

    • nah,you don’t have to do that,what is required is to complete 30 million jobs with all the mafia wars players before they can allow you access to district 6,but one word of note:you are only allowed to do this particular job,which i think its newly released,and placed at the top of the jobs list once every 24 hrs.so it is advised,that you complete 30 million jobs with the help of your mafia,through other jobs.it also depends on the amount of jobs the number of player contributes.


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