Vampires all over the world now have a new limited edition quest in Vampire Wars: Revive Dracula! How to do it and what rewards can you get – all of that you can find out by reading this article. So hurry and learn if you have what it takes to revive the greatest vampire of them all (no, Robert Pattinson is NOT a vampire!)

Here’s the announcement: “Dracula’s final resting place has been uncovered! But perhaps it’s not so final. If you can find enough Primal Blood to revive him within 10 days, he will surely reward you.”

As stated in the message from Zynga, in order to revive the vampire you will need Primal Blood – and a lot of it! You can get more Primal Blood in Vampire Wars by collecting it as free gifts from friends, hiring the collector, help your friends with the mission (there’s a limit of 5 times per day), or purchase it for favor points.

You can only do the mission once per day and your progress will vary from click to click. However, up to 5 friends can help you per day at 2% each – but the friends can’t get you to 100% on a mission, meaning that you’ll still have to click the last time yourself. Alternately, if you have Favor Points to spare, you can do the mission as often as you like to for 10 FP per click.

Check out below the rewards you can get if you manage to finish the Revive Dracula quest in time:

Impale ability: 70 Attack, 30 Defense, unlocked at 40% mastery
Greater Impale ability: 90 Attack, 50 Defense, unlocked at 80% mastery
Superior Impale ability: 125 Attack, 75 Defense, unlocked at 100% mastery

Do you think you’ll be able to complete the Revive Dracula mission?