How do you feel about returning to Cuba in Mafia Wars? I am sure you’ll feel even better when I will tell you that the Return to Cuba event is released alongside with a new series of missions – 7 new missions in the Return to Cuba series and I have all the details about them below. So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out everything about the Return to Cuba missions in mafia Wars!

The Cat Is Away Mission
– Collect 3 Brown Anoles.
– Collect 4 Seaside Runners.
– Collect 5 Smokers.
– Collect 6 Barrier Coats.
Reward: C$14,000, 2 Smokers (65 Attack / 97 Defense), Experience based on your level

Run The Guns Mission
– Get support from your 5 Mafia.
– Loot 8 Trigger Happys from fights.
Reward: 20 Loyalty Points, Experience based on your level

Nobody Say Nothing Mission
– Clear 3 Robbing Boards.
– Ask for 9 Backpacks from Mafia.
– Acquire 10 Cuban Mercenaries.
Reward: C$12,000, 1 Barrier Coat (96 Attack / 60 Defense), Experience based on your level

With Us Or Against Us Mission
– Win 25 fights.
– Get support from your 9 Mafia.
– Loot 6 Cuban Mercenaries from job.
Reward: C$14,000, 10 Victory Coins and Experience based on your level

Come One, Come All Mission
– Collect from your Bodega 3 times.
– Build 1 Vehicle.
– Acquire 15 Cuban Mercenaries.
Reward: 6 Loyalty Points, 3 CM Tangos (109 Attack / 73 Defense) and Experience based on your level

Castle Mission
– Declare a war 3 times.
– Ask for 8 Backpacks from 8 Mafia.
– Rob 8 Bribery Rings.
Reward: C$15,000, 2 Goliath Groupers (96 Attack / 64 Defense) and Experience based on your level

Steal The Words Mission
– Win 2 wars.
– Ice 20 opponents.
Reward: C$20,000, 10 Victory Coins, 1 Sleet (84 Attack / 155 Defense) and Experience based on your level

What do you feel about this new mission series? Like it or not?


  1. The only part of this mission that I am not happy with is “asking mafia for support” There are too many things going on at once that require asking our mafias for gifts and we can only gift every 24 hours.

  2. Yes, the “asking for support” is too much! They should change the games name to “Beggar Wars” cause that’s all we ever do in it!

  3. 3 Days and I still need to declare war ¡3 times! and after that win 2 wars… “if there is life, there is hope”, they said here in Argentina, but I’m hopeless.


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