It appears to be a full pasta-theme released in Cafe World today as Zynga has released the Pasta Maker in the game alongside a bunch of new pasta-related recipes and a new Pasta Maker about which we’ll talk in this article. So read on to find out everything about the Cafe World Pasta Maker and how to build it.

As with most of the things that you need to do in Cafe World, building the Pasta Maker is done via posting requests for materials. You need the following amounts:

– 7 Authentic Plates
– 9 Pasta Strainer
– 13 Pasta Spoon
– 16 Olive Oil Glassware

The Pasta Maker is, at the moment, an item that doesn’t have any usability in the game (except for being a requirement to complete the missions), but Zynga might have some plans in mind with this new item, so don’t hurry to delete it once completed!