I have already told you that Borderlands 2 will be announced soon, but what would you say if I shared with you some fresh, great details about the upcoming game? Indeed, Game Informer got to check out the game early on and some details about the great content in Borderlands 2 were leaked, so check them out below:

– Co-op will stick to 4 players
– Different Variety of Vehicles, one being a Bandit Technical
– Eridium, can be used to enhance weapons or are the only Currency to purchase the most powerful weapons in the world
– Bearded drawf guy is Salvador, the Gunzerker. Special ability is Dual-wielding. Any weapon can be dual-wield.
– The original Vault Hunters will be support NPC’s.
– Bandits now have their own brand of weaponry.
– Weapons can have custom decals and enhancements.
– Enemies are more responsive, and actually interact with each other better.
– The players will also have interacting dialogues, similar to those in Left 4 Dead.
– Each manufacturer will have their own visual styling/theme. The purpose of this is to be able to easily identify a weapon’s manufacturer and quality by simple looking at it. No manufacturers will have the same looking gun
– NPC’s will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations
– Gearbox wants to make 4 seating standard on each vehicle
– Class mods and Artifacts will be returning
– BL2’s skill tree will maintain the 3 Branch system and have more defined abilities rather than simple stat boosts. It is unknown how many skills will occupy each branch.
– 2 Gunzerker Skills were mentioned. One, increases the fire rate of any weapon the longer the trigger is held down. A second, while Dual-wielding, increases accuracy with same class weapons, or doubles damage for different class weapons.

[Source: Gearbox forums]


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