Having trouble beating Locked Room Escape? Got stuck somewhere and can’t seem to find your way out? No problems, as I have a Locked Room Escape walkthrough prepared for you, ready to get you outside as fast as possible. Simply follow the step by step solution for Locked Room Escape below and enjoy!

Full Locked Room Escape walkthrough:

1. Go right three times and click on the plant to get green key hidden below the leaf to the right.
2. Go back and click on the left arm rest of the sofa to zoom in and get the red key.
3. Go back and right and click on the lamp near the door to see the code. Zoom out.
4. Use the red key on the second drawer and use that code (the upper left square – purple, the upper right square – yellow, the lower left square – red, the last square – blue). Click on the gray thing below to reveal the code 99834.
5. Go back and right and click on the ground near the right cabinet. Type the code above and get purple key.
6. Zoom out and use the purple key with the right drawer of the cabinet to the right. Get the antenna.
7. Go right and click the left corner of the TV and plug in the antenna.
8. Go back and notice on the TV Newton and his famous apple. Go left and use the yellow key with the bottom drawer of the cabinet to the right. Enter the code: newton. Then click on the black band and take they door key.
9. Go back and left and use the key with the door. You’re out!