If you got stuck somewhere while playing Kidnapped by Ghost the escape the room game, you should not worry anymore since I have a walkthrough prepared for you, a solution to help you beat the game without too much trouble. So read on the step by step Kidnapped by Ghosts walkthrough below to find the help you need.

Full Kidnapped by Ghosts guide:

1. Drag the right pillow away and take the hair sticks. Go right and talk to the ghost.
2. Take green chalkboard, then use the hair sticks to open the bottom drawer. Take the key and use it on door to get out.
3. Enter Room B (left one) and check the ChessBoard to see the black pieces positions. Go right and notice the yellow book. Get out.
4. Go downstairs an twice to the left. Enter Kitchen and on the chessboard place the chess pieces like the ones in room b (if you forgot, check the green chalkboard in your inventory for the correct placement – click on the chessboard twice to see it). Take the key.
5. Go left and exit the door, then go left and use key to enter the Bathroom. Go right, take the candle, then exit the room.
6. Go twice to the right and go up and enter Room C. Use candle on table with the one in your inventory and look at the ghosts (click them to put them on the chalkboard). Get out.
7. Go downstairs again and click the picture on the wall. Place the ghosts as on the chalkboard then take the key. Go left and enter the door near the stairs using the key.
8. Go right and enter Room F. Take Crystal Ball and light up the Purple candle. Click on the flower to have it on the chalkboard. Exit the room.
9. Go back twice then left. Light the three candles and click on all yellow books on the shelf. If done correctly, a hidden passage will be revealed. Enter the secret door.
10. Go right and use the Crystal ball with the bottom right of the machine. Take the heart.
11. Go left and up and click on the chain to the left. Take doll and go back. Take the glass on the table.
12. Go left, up, up, left and enter the bathroom. Go right and fill the glass with water from the sink, then get out. Use water with red flower and click on it to have it on the chalkboard.
13. Go right, right and enter the door then enter Room D. Use doll on the left pillow and click on the black flower.
14. Go left and exit the door. Go back, up and back again. Use the heart on the support near the table to open a secret passage in the wall. Click on that field and click on the leaves as follows:
– the long, slim leaves once to make them black (click each leaf once)
– the other leaves (not the round ones) should be clicked twice and turned purple.
– Finally, the round ones should be turned black.
15. Click the door and you’re out!