If you are just like me an achievement freak, then you will certainly want to collect in Duke Nukem Forever all of the three Helmets in order to get the Bucket Head achievement. However, I am sure that a little help can never hurt, so below you can find instructions on where to find the three Duke Nukem Forever Helmets, as well as a video showing you the exact locations of the items!

Duke Nukem Forever Helmet #1

Easiest to get: as soon as you start the Las Vegas level, you will find it just near the soldier at the start that tells you to wear a Power Helmet!

Duke Nukem Forever Helmet #2

Visit the Hive and start moving backwards then take the first right turn. Go to the fake weed wall and take a left where you will see a dead soldier with a helmet near him.

Duke Nukem Forever Helmet #3

In the Underwater level, plant the bomb at the gate then go forward to the light: it’s blinking is the guide to the location of the third helmet.

And now, as promised, here is the Duke Nukem Forever Helmet locations video: