Ivanovich Games announced the worldwide release of Letris 3: Word Puzzle Game for iOS devices. This inspired puzzle title has over five million fans and its own TV show. The company announced that Letris 3 is now available for free:

Available today as a FREE download compatible with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and the Apple iPad, this Tetris and Scrabble inspired puzzle game is so popular it has its very own TV-Show. The objective of the game is simple: to build words from a series of letters without cluttering the screen!

Letris 3: Word Puzzle Game has been densely improved with brand new graphics, refined controls and a intuitive navigation interface. Letris has now an additions game mode as well, the History Mode, where players can enjoy almost 300 new levels full of challenges. The game currently features eight different languages and two split-screen multiplayer modes on tablets.

The competition will become more intense with the weekly tournaments, which will introduce three unique levels with exclusive prizes for the top players.