July 9th, 2013 marks a very significant date for fans of Riot Game’s , League of Legends. Late that night, as a pleasant surprise to all, Riot updated their public beta environment with a significantly sized patch. Though full to the brink with delicious bytes of data, such as: a new skin for Sejuani, an entire revamp of Master Yi models/particles, and new items, arguably the most significant patch was the inclusion of the long awaited character: Lucian, the Purifier.

Mentioned on our article found here, the previously named “Gun Templar” finds his way into the public beta environment equipped with complete particles, complete splash arts, and of course his release skin, Hired Gun Lucian (in the same design aspect as “Hired Gun Graves”).

Here are a review of his abilities:

  • ( Passive ) Lightslinger : After every spell, Lucian’s next basic attack within 6 seconds will be a double shot. The second shot deals .5 AD damage. Minions and Monsters take full damage from second shot.
  • ( Q )  Piercing Light: Shoots a bolt of piercing light through an enemy unit, damaging enemies in a line for  physical damage. Deals Half Damage to minions.
  • ( W ) Ardent Blaze: Fires a shot that explodes upon enemy contact or reaching the end of it’s path. The explosion deals magic damage and marks enemies for 6 seconds. Damaging marked enemies grants Lucian 40 movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • ( E ) Relentless Pursuit:  Dashes a short distance, removing all slow effects. If Culling Kills an enemy champion, the cooldown of relentless pursuit is reset.
  • ( R ) The Culling: Lucian moves freely while firing rapidly in a single direction for 3 seconds. His shots collide with the first enemy they hit and each do physical damage. The number of shots scales with Attack speed. The Culling does 300% damage to minions.
    Lucian May use relentless Pursuit during The Culling.

Although not as much as many of us have anticipated– Lucian proves to indeed be a character that manipulates motion– allowing himself to get into position with Relentless Pursuit, and even kite/chase with the rapid, pure power of The Culling.

On a more personal note, as a season 2 and season 3 platinum ranked player (who also happens to be a PBE member), I find his potential to be quite promising. With a massive ranged poke that doesn’t decrease in damage through units, and a more efficient motion based move than Vayne, Lucian– if played right, will most definitely be a powerful asset on any team. Also, did I mention his ult (when you build AP as a joke) can deal up to 10,000 damage? 10,000 everybody. 10,000.
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