Riot Games initially released League of Legends in 2009. It has gained popularity since then, not only as a source of entertainment but also as a money-making mechanism thanks to its participation in eSports. The game’s primary premise is to eliminate the opposing team’s nexus, a fortified structure within the opponent’s base. To fight the opposing team of other gamers and seize the rival’s nexus, the player assumes the role of an invisible summoner who commands a specially competent champion.

League of Legends Analytics

Checking League of Legends analytics websites is an excellent method to stay on top of the meta and gain advice on making the best decisions throughout the game. Taking their League of Legends stats for granted, though, can be deceiving due to the game’s intricacy. Since January 2018, champion Azir’s win rate has continuously been considerably below 49 percent. An observer who notices this might conclude that Azir is a weakling. In the 2018 Spring Season, however, Azir was the 11th most popular champion. The reason for this is simple: Azir is not a weak champion; instead, he is a champion that is difficult to play. In other words, while the ordinary player will struggle with Azir, elite and professional players will use him efficiently.


League of Legends is a free-to-play game containing microtransactions via a specific in-game currency known as Riot Points. The currency may be used to buy champions, summoner icons, ward skins, champion skins, summoner icons, and multi-game enhancements. In 2019, the average annual spend on in-game content per gamer in the U. S. was 92 dollars. It is no wonder that League of Legends’ revenue has continuously exceeded a billion dollars in recent years, given the strength of this revenue model.


League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the U. S., even though it is almost ten years old. The game’s ongoing popularity can also be demonstrated in the fact that it is played by people of all ages, with 40% of League of Legends enthusiasts in the US being between the ages of 25 and 34. League of Legends, like any other online game in this genre, is primarily played by men; in fact, an approximated 82 percent of the game’s following in the United States is male.

International Status

League of Legends successfully evolved from entertainment at home to worldwide competition thanks to its multiplayer concept. Hundreds of professional tournaments take place each year all around the world, culminating in a single big event known as the World Championships. The League of Legends World Championships prize money peaked at 6.45 million in 2018 before dropping to 2.23 million dollars for the 2019 tournament. The tournament’s most recent edition was held in Berlin, Madrid, and Paris, with the prize money granted to the winners of the final, FunPlus Phoenix from China, totaling about $835,000. With such massive sums of cash on the line, it is no surprise that tens of thousands of eSports fans tune in to see who will emerge victoriously. The average number of watchers has constantly been increasing, with over 190 thousand viewers watching events globally in August 2020. Even though the game is now in its second decade, its appeal among players and eSports fans shows no indication of waning.