In the past few years, League of Legends also known as LoL has gained a lot of popularity. It is not a surprise that various bookmakers have taken a keen interest in the esports betting of League of Legends because of the sheer popularity of this game. There is a multitude of betting options when it comes to LoL. Fans of League of Legends can play on the teams that are their favorite and get a chance to win lots. 

Once you understand how to start LoL betting, there is no looking back. You can win big and also share your expertise with others. We have curated a list of best-betting sites for LoL in 2021 that you can start your journey of betting on. Using the right platforms for betting is as important as knowing how to bet. 

  • Betway 

One of the most reputable bookmakers is Betway. It offers a 30 EUR bet as a welcome bet for new members. It provides many options for betting to choose from along with good customer care if there ever is any problem which is rare with this site. You can live bet wager for League of Legends or LoL on this site. This feature is not something everyone offers. Are you an experienced bettor in esports betting? This site can add more fun to your betting experience. 


This is yet another site good for LoL betting. It offers a welcome bonus of 50% and a bonus for bitcoins as well which is 100%. gives you many markets for esports betting. You can use on almost all your devices like pc, phone, and laptop. This makes LoL betting highly accessible and easy, just choose your market for betting and the odds. This site will provide you with many rewards and make esports betting more fun. 

  • EGB 

EGB is well-known for being the largest betting site for esports. It gives the users a wide range of titles, promotions for esports events, tournaments, and much more. It also offers a strong presence of a community that is related to esports. This website does need some upgrading as it does not provide real money wagering in the UK, Singapore, and the USA. Even with that it still makes for a good choice if you wish to get bonuses and promotions. 

  • Pinnacle 

Pinnacle offers its users a wide variety of options for betting. Pinnacle has been in teh business for a while now making it a trusted bookmaker. It will give you a standard experience pertaining to esports betting along with an interface that is user-friendly. This makes betting even more engaging and immersive. This is why Pinnacle is a favorite for many LoL bettors. 

  • Bet365 

Bet365 is great for newbies as well as experienced bettors. It has adapted well to changes in the betting world. Bet365 provides a wide range of markets for betting, many tournaments, and superb odds. This bookmaker has gained popularity as a trusted bookmaker thanks to the services it offers. 

Final Words 

These were the best betting sites for LoL (League of Legends) in 2021. Get started with your betting journey with these best sites without any hassle.