Killzone: Shadow FallPS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer mode will be free to play this weekend, specifically on December 28-31, for Playstation Plus subscribers. PS Plus members can now start pre-downloading the game ahead of the dates.

Guerrilla Games pointed out that their title’s multiplayer mode is constantly evolving and changing, with new content and features rolling out for the mode constantly.

“It’s also important for us to reiterate that the Shadow Fall multiplayer experience will continue to evolve and expand with new content and additional features,” the developer said. “In fact, a new update will soon go live that addresses many oft-requested features, including the addition of voice chat. Moreover, all additional maps will be made available for free to ensure that the community grows without fragmenting. We’re committed to supporting Shadow Fall, and we’re excited to share more about that vision early in the new year.”

This opportunity for players to check the game out for free is most likely influenced by the need for promotion by Sony for their flagship PS4 title. The system itself has gone on to sell over 2.1 million units, but specific sales numbers for Killzone have not be revealed.