kil2The fact that it was one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games of the year is no surprise when it comes to Killzone 2, but one can never be sure on how us, the gamers, will react when the final product is in the store shelves. Apparently – and fortunately for Guerrilla Games and Sony – we had a pretty nice reaction, one which might have turned Killzone 2 into the third fastest selling title on the PS3, right behind GTA IV and MGS4.

VGCharts reports that first week sales of the game have hit the 750k mark, but the data is not official and the real numbers might be even bigger (of course, they could be lower, too). However, it’s expected that the official numbers really are somewhere around the data provided by VGCharts.

Reports are also suggesting that, despite the successful release of the shooter, hardware sales have only seen a “modest increase”, but that’s something which could change in the near future if reviewers keep praising Killzone 2 and other gamers will decide it’s worth the buy of a PlayStation 3. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more details on this matter.