castlevania-rl-beadsExcept for the developers who got the mad skills to deliver some amazing pieces of work and keep us busy all the time, the most hardcore fans are the ones who can deliver the most pleasant surprises and simply amaze us with their incredible dedication and, eventually, pieces of art. We have an example of that here, today.

What you can see in the image to the left is a huge, real life Castlevania perler bead screenshot created by Sprite Stitch forum user Akegata. And if it doesn’t look too impressive at first, check it once more! It’s entirely made of perler beads, which are special beads that melt together when heated. And, as you can see if you click on the image to get the full sized picture, each bead is actually a pixel. Doing some extra math, after checking that the standard resolution of the NES is 256×240, it means that the amazing Castlevaina screenshot is made of more than 60,000 beads.

In Akegata’s words: “it took 3 months or so to finish it including the several weeks I waited for some of the beads to arrive to my place”. That’s dedication, that’s something that’s clearly worth some kind of an award. We’re impressed!