civilization5-teaserCivilization V has just been announced and I wasn’t really expecting any new details for the next week or so, but I was wrong. A Swedish website that seems to have a crush on the Duke (yes, that Duke), has posted a bunch of new and exciting Civilization 5 details we’re going to share:

– The graphics will move to an Art Deco line, including menus and architectural design.
– The game engine is brand new
– We will no longer be allowed to stack more units on the same tile. This means that there’s a limit of one unit per box, which completely changes the way the game will look like (including war).
– All ranged units (archers, catapults etc) will be allowed to attack units one hexagon away.
– The hills, forests and lakes will therefore become more important for the gameplay.
– Expanding your borders will be a bit more difficult and we’ll be allowed to buy land or conquer it, different types of land requiring more to be conquered.
– Barbarians will no longer disappear if left unattacked. Also, they will build up their own cities too
– Mutual research will be possible to speed up research times if you team up with other civilizations.
– AI civs will plan on a longer term instead of deciding what to do in the present.

These new Civilization V details are extremely interesting, making me wish I had that game in my hands now!