supremecom2Square Enix might not be the biggest PC gaming fans in the world, but the developers are still releasing Supreme Commander 2 pretty soon, a game we’re all hoping to own and be delighted with. Fortunately, we won’t have to spend the money before knowing – nor wait for the reviews – as Squenix has just released a demo of Supreme Commander 2 to let you test out the game for free before you buy it!

Developed by Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander 2 promises to deliver a new level of emotional connection and accessibility to the RTS genre. Set 25 years after original game, this sequel features numerous game enhancements, an in-depth campaign mode, online multiplayer and a unique storyline.

This riveting, first-look opportunity for consumers contains two levels of the tutorial as well as two missions for the United Earth Federation (UEF), one of the three factions of the Colonial Defense Coalition.

The PC demo is now available via STEAM (click the link to go there) and the full PC version of Supreme Commander 2 will be available from 5th March 2010.