jewel-escape3Having trouble beating Jewelry Escape 3? No worries now since I have written a Jewelry Escape 3 walkthrough to help you find all the jewel pieces and finish the game. So simply read on below for the step by step instructions in this Jewelry Escape 3 walkthrough containing all the jewel locations.

Jewelry Escape 3 Walkthrough:

1. Click on the plug next to the door and pick up first jewel on the upper side of the plug.
2. Click on the carpet and find a blue jewel hidden somewhere to the middle of the screen.
3. Go right twice and click on the wall behind the roses. There is a white jewel right near the biggest flower, on the wall.
4. Click right between the two green furnitures and pick up another red stone there.
5. Go right and pick orange jewel from the center of the picture.
6. Click on the books on the bottom shelf and pick up the dark red jewel on the book’s cover.
7. Click on the right side of the pillow and pick up pale blue jewel situated on the light’s reflection near the pillow.
8. Click on the wall near the plant and pick up a green jewel on hidden on the green leaf.
9. Go right and click on the phone. A yellow jewel is on the fruit vase.
10. Click on the green plant near the desk and pick up the last jewel that is situated somewhere on the wall, to the right of the plant.
11. Click on the bottom left drawer twice and put all the gems in place.
12. This is it!

If you have any problems/questions regarding this Jewelry Escape 3 Walkthrough, feel free to use the comment section below.