purismI have wrote a Purism walkthrough for this wonderful escape the room game to help you get over the problems you might encounter and easily finish the game. So check out this detailed step by step guide on how to finish Purism, in my Purism walkthrough.

Full Purism guide:

1. Go left and click on the top drawer of the desk. That code will be used later in the game.
2. Click on the bottom drawer and click on the puzzle box. We have to solve that puzzle to unlock the box. Here is the sequence and how you should press the buttons: first, click on the bottom left button (the one in the corner). Then click on the top right button. Then on the middle row, click on the second button from the left. On the bottom row, click on the second button from the left. Finally, click on the middle left button.
3. Click the blue button on the puzzle box and get scissors.
4. Click again on the same drawer and click on the code (563) to get the note.
5. Go back and twice to the left. Click on the top of that strange sculpture to pick up an object that looks like the head of a spear.
6. Click on the top of the table foot to get a screwdriver (location as shown in the image). You can also check out the code on the note below the sculpture.
7. Click on the green box and enter the code 563 to open it. Get the pencil.
8. Click on the 563 note and then click on the lower right corner to turn it around (might require a few clicks). Use the spear-head object with the dot. Next, use the pencil with the dot and use the scissors with the lines to cut the bar code.
9. Click on the safe on the wall and use the bar code with the “in” slot and pick up the tape.
10. Go right and use the screwdriver with that metal panel. You can click on the panel twice to note the code for red.
11. Click on the panel and get ready for some puzzle solving!
First cut the dark blue, light blue and yellow wires with the scissors. Then use the blue tape to patch the wires up again and cut the orange wire (it should light up the blue button). Patch the wire again then cut the orange and light blue wires. Take the adhesive tape.
12. Go back and twice to the right. Use the white tape with the door’s handle then use the spear-shaped object with the patched door handle and…. you’re out!

If you have any questions regarding the Purism walkthrough, use the comment section below!