I wrote yesterday about the huge Grand Theft Auto IV sales in Japan and estimated that this could mean the revival of the PlayStation 3 console. It seems that I’ve been correct: according to the Japanese hardware charts from media create, Sony’s console jumped all the way to third place this week.

However, the clear winner was the recently released Nintendo DSi, the new handheld smashing the competition with 171,952 units sold. Way behind was the second placed PSP with 50,358 units and the PS3 up on three with 39,587 units. It will be really interesting to watch now if, alongside the presumable lower GTA and LBP sales, Sony’s PlayStation 3 will go down the charts again.

Until then, it’s worth noting that the Nintendo Wii only occupied the third place in the Japanese charts ending November 2 with 23,123 units sold, the DS Lite went down to five with 16,360 units while the Xbox 360 was defeated to the bottom of the chart by the PS2 with 6,119 units sold against 6,714 Playstation 2s.