oblivionWith Fallout 3 being such a successful title with loads of downloadable content released (and fixed, and re-fixed and so on), we might be tempted to believe that the folks over at Bethesda have no time for other projects, but this could be false, since reports suggest that the developers are actually working on some extra content for their fantasy RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

So, even though the game was released three years ago and Fallout 3 now gets all the headlines, it appears that Oblivion is still selling and people still like it. At least that?s wht Bethesda?s PR head Pete Hines told Gamasutra.

“We’re getting ready to do something else with Oblivion this year,” he said. ?If you pay attention to it and keep taking care of it, it’s still got a home, it can still do something.”

So most likely, he is talking about some extra content, although some would like to see a new title in the Elder Scrolls series. However, extra content for Oblivion seems like the most plausible possibility here. We?ll keep you updated.


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