mw2One of the most interesting announced features of Modern Warfare 2 is the two player co-op mode – called “Special Ops”, it allows player re-live the single player campaign moments that are best suited for such a gameplay type. But how does it work, exactly? Videogamer had a chat with Infinity Ward’s director of communication Robert Bowling and he explained.

“Story’s all about pacing,” he said. “Sometimes moments get toned down because they don’t fit with the pacing of the experience you’re trying to deliver. There (in Special Ops) it’s all about fun. It’s about playing over and over again, getting a better time – you’ll have a time at the end of it – it’s about challenging a friend going in on co-op and trying to beat it on veteran.”

He also went on to say that the developers thought about the possibility of more than two players in the co-op mode, but decided that two is the magic number when it comes to cooperative play, otherwise the game risks to get turned into a “clusterf**k of things”. And we wouldn’t like Modern Warfare 2 to be that, would we?

Of course, I would’ve personally enjoyed a co-op campaign instead of playing various scenes of the game, but at least is a start – most likely Modern Warfare 2 is not the last Call of Duty game, so my wish might come true sometime in the future.