twoworlds2-screenshotIn what could be considered a surprise announcement, TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump revealed that Two Worlds II, the sequel to their fantasy RPG, is being developed as we speak and will probably be released by the end of the year. It was always considered that the original game recorded really low sales and wasn’t quite loved by the public, but the developers seem ready to prove the world that they can actually do it.

Promising to deliver a completely new experience – one built up brick by brick for the past two years, Two Worlds II will come with a completely overhauled AI and balancing standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and a brand-new graphical engine. Which, to keep it short, is exactly what this game needs if it is to be successful.

Story-wise, Two Worlds II will take place just a couple of years after the original and will take you into the unexplored parts of the Eastern Antaloor where many eye candies await, from deserts to temples and such. No details on the already known places that we’ll visit, but I am sure that in the next months we’ll have more about the sequel.

Until then… we’re surprised, right? Could Two Worlds II come in and rock the genre as Reality Pump promise? Hopefully so, I would certainly love it!