all-points-bulletin-screenRealtime Worlds, the developers of a very promising MMO that’s still in the works, All Points Bulletin, are taking advantage of the relative hype built around their project and they’re announcing the development of yet another massively multiplayer online game: a very ambitious (but unnamed) project.

According to the GamesIndustry website, David Jones, creative director of Realtime Worlds spoke during this year’s GameHorizon conference and announced the project: “a very ambitious” one he’s “very excited” about. Of course, he didn’t offer too many details regarding this project.

He revealed, though, that this MMO is actually the game which the company started to develop back in 2005 when they raised $30 million in venture capital funding, but because of the ambitious nature of the project, it’s APB who gets to see daylight first. So all we can imagine is that if All Point Bulletin, a game that promises to be really awesome, is actually the “poor” title, then this mystery MMO will indeed rock the MMOG world. But, of course, we can’t get as excited as David Jones without some solid information…


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