all-points-bulletin1It might not say much for now, but All Points Bulletin – the closest thing we have for now for a GTA MMO – is indeed a hot project that could become a major hit if done correctly and marketed accordingly. And with EA just signed as publishers, the game might have a big advantage in the build-up for the game’s release in 2010.

Developed by Realtime Worlds (a company founded by David Jones, creator of Lemmings, GTA 1 and 2 and Crackdown), All Points Bulletin is set in a modern, crime-ridden city, a persistent, open world multiplayer setting. Basically, the characters will be divided into two “races”: the Criminals and the Enforcers, and they will all (or mostly) be human players! So, with this deep PvP element and its GTA-resemblance, All Points Bulletin certainly has what it takes to become a major MMO as soon as it gets released.

“After a few years of quietly working on APB I’m extremely excited to be able to show it publically for the first time” said David Jones, Founder and Creative Director of Realtime Worlds. “To also be able to announce our marketing and distribution agreement with EA Partners at the same time is the cream on top. It’s very evident that EA Partners are clearly in-sync with our vision for APB and between us we aim to ensure gamers understand why it’s unique, and share our excitement”

The screenshots from the game look amazing and all I can say is that I’m waiting for more about this game!