brinkFortunately, Bethesda doesn’t plan to milk dry the Fallout 3 release: they are working on a brand new project, a game called Brink, a title they have just teased and made me really, really curious. But we will all have to wait some more until we actually get some solid details about this promising title.

From what we can see in Brink‘s teaser trailer, the new game will be set in the future, where a huge, obelisk-like structure called The Arc, apparently goes wrong from whatever reasons and a huge-scale war begins. Why, who is fighting who and what is the player’s role in all this madness – it’s all unclear. It’s not even clear if we’re talking about a FPS or a RPG, but I think we could all take a wild guess and go for RPG. I’m waiting for more. I’m really curious. Until then, all I (and you) can do is check out the Brink teaser trailer once more and wonder:


  1. this article fails.
    bethesda isnt making brink, they are publishing it
    bethesda publishes any game with the id tech software 5(somehting like that)
    bethesda has also made it clear that fallout 4 will be made by them and fallout 5 is a good possibility since the elder scrolls 5 is in the making


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