nileSome would be tempted to believe that browser based gaming, with more text and a few 2D images are not exactly what you could call “cool” nowadays, but it appears that developers Titled Mill have a different opinion, and therefore they have launched Immortal Cities: Nile Online.

The game is a browser based one with no required downloads and free to play, a city builder set in ancient Egypt. Immortal Cities: Nile Online was in open beta until now, but starting today, it is officially launched to the public.

This browser based game is loosely based on Titled Mill’s Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile and can be played by both the more hardcore gamers, as well as the more casual ones, since it only needs your attention for a few minutes several times per day. And if you’re familiar with such games, you’ll soon notice resemblances between Immortal Cities: Nile Online and other similar titles, like Ikariam. Either way, it’s a title worth trying since it doesn’t cost you a penny. And since we’re at this topic, why not check out three more free and must-play browser based games?