I just read on slashdot that Forbes wrote a story about the possibility of Google to get in the games industry. Imagine a Need For Speed taking place in a real city like New York or Los Angeles or GTA 4 around the globe (NY, London, Tokyo). That just sounds insane.

Honestly, I don’t think Google will enter the game industry, but for the sake of argument, let’s see what are the reasons for this story:

  • the experiment with Google Lively – a web-browser 3D world
  • the acquisition of AdScape – an in-game advertising company
  • the technology they have – Google Earth and Maps
  • a market yet unexplored that worth over 18 billion $
  • Now let’s put all these together: Google, no doubt, has the capability to produce some really great games but the question is “do they really want to produce?” or just do what they do best, and that’s selling ads. We might not see any Google Games in the near future, but we might see some google ads in the games.
    And about what I has saying in the introduction, NFS in a real city, maybe it wouldn’t be such a crazy idea if EA and Google can work something out.