golemizerMachine 22’s free to play MMORPG Golemizer can now be enjoyed on Facebook too – not because the social platform lacks mad scientists creating strange creatures and sending them to battle others, but because, after all, Golemizer is indeed a great play!

The MMO is accessible via the Facebook Apps and you can start playing it right away: you can either create a brand new character or link your account to the existing one. Personally, I am really curious how many extra users will Golemizer have after this important move. Right now there are “only” 23,000 registered players, but I am sure the numbers will soon explode. And even if you don’t, you can still enjoy the already existing 1,800 quests, 1 million items and over 8 000 dungeon zones.

Even better, if you’re still old school or you prefer, for some reason, MySpace, you should be happy to hear that Machine 22 is promising that Golemizer will be available there too by the end of June.