golemizer-logoI am really fond by Golemizer, Machine 22’s MMORPG that keeps expanding and growing and improving, offering its players and future account holders reasons to really play the title! Right now, for example, Golemizer is introducing a brand new clothing system, plus extra skills that fit well in the cloth making industry.

Because the new clothing system in Golemizer will let you create and wear your own clothes and become a real fashion designer in the virtual worlds of the MMO. Which certainly is a great addition, at least for the pacifists playing the game.

Also, the clothing system is followed by a new minigame where players can buy and take care of sheep – the animals that produce wool, the resource needed for the creation of clothes in Golemizer. Even though no extra details were given regarding this new minigame, Machine 22 promise that it will allow a lot of freedom of play to your characters.

And when you see so many features added to an already feature-rich game, you almost find it hard to believe that Golemizer is a title developed by only one person. And that makes the game even more interesting and thumbs up-worthy!