If you’re a fan of anything post-apocalyptic and you’ve always dreamed of becoming a little Mad Max who gathers pieces of junk to create all sorts of amazing vehicles, vehicles that will win you races and even more pieces of junk (oh, goodie!), then Junk: Battles is a browser-based game you will have to play.

Just launched and completely free to play, Junk: Battles is created by Antic Entertainment, a new development company created by Fredrik Liljegren, the founder of DICE Sweden. Also, other names from companies like Digital Extremes and developers of such games as Battlefield, Dark Sector and BioShock have gathered at Antic Entertainment and created this free to play browser-based title.

So, what is Junk: Battles, apart from a free to play game? Well, it is a mix of strategy and action, with a concept similar to that of trading card games (like Magic: The Gathering, for example). The setting is post-apocalyptic and the customization is basically limitless: you create your own vehicles, adopt your own strategy and try to defeat as many human players from all over the world in order to win more pieces for your car. Pretty simple, right?

“Antic Entertainment’s focus is to bring that triple-A quality to our free-to-play titles giving us tremendous opportunity for growth,” said Liljegren. “This sector of the industry is just now coming into the limelight as the consumer is adapting and seeking more flexible and efficient ways to play games.”

So you should give Junk: Battles a try – it’s a really cool game and you will even get a free wallpaper that will have on your desktop the beautiful lady you can see in the image in the upper left corner – all for free, once again! I’m starting to love these Antic Entertainment guys!