Farmville-FarmBefore working 24/7 in the world of video and computer games, I always considered myself a “hardcore” gamer, laughing at those playing the puny little casual games, trying to find hidden objects or doing the same thing over and over again in time management titles. But, like most of the things that make up our lives, this changed too and now I am a fan of everything casual, cute and “non-hardcore”.

One of the games that has turned into a little addiction is FarmVille, a game developed by the brilliant minds at Zynga, a game so simple but yet so complex and rewarding that should be presented as an example to all those who are wishing to start creating a new browser-based MMO.

Because that is what FarmVille is, after all: a simple 2D browser based MMO in which players create their own virtual farm, start small and keep improving and expanding until they become true farm moguls, if something like that is possible. You have a huge choice of crops – but only oh, so few when you start, you have tons of decorations and buildings to personalize your farm, you can also raise animals, you can plant trees and you can work at your own pace, without being pushed from behind by your mates who are getting bigger and better farms.

Actually I think this is one of the main reasons that makes FarmVille one of the most popular casual MMOs ever: the fact that you can play at your own pace. You are allowed to find your own rhythm and you can play the game without caring at least a second about finding new friends or dedicating your entire time to finding new “neighbors”. Most of the browser based MMOs promise you these things: “play as you wish, whenever you wish,” but none manages to do it as nice as Zynga’s Farmville.

Of course, you still have to log in regularly and it does more good to have at least a few friends playing FarmVille, but it’s not a must. You can log in every 2 hours or once every 2 days, you can still progress and you can still improve your farm, because the offer is huge.

I, for example, am addicted to the game. But unlike all the other games I got addicted to, FarmVille allows me to have a life: not only that there’s no point in me being logged in at all times, but the game manages to be quite entertaining if I only log in once per day. The results? As you can see in the image that comes with this article, I am already at level 19, I have a huge and, I dare say, great looking farm, I am connecting with new people every day, all of us trying to improve our farms and, in the end, I am having a hell of a time planting and harvesting strawberries near grapes and soybeans near pineapples. Not to mention my little Baby Elephant farm…

Now I only wonder how many of you are also addicted of FarmVille? Do you love this simple and, let’s face it, completely repetitive game by Zynga? Have you tried playing FarmVille and now you simply can’t stop. And… most important: aren’t free, browser based MMO games the best thing on Earth since the invention of Mountain Dew?

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