When I heard Twelve Interactive’s announcement regarding the licensing agreement to create a computer and video game featuring the iconic Tarzan, it struck me like a hammer: how the hell nobody thought about this until now? I have no idea, but one thing is clear: Twelve plans to right the wrongs and we’re going to see a Tarzan game really soon (most probably – WHEN they manage to find a publisher for the game).

There are few information regarding the upcoming Tarzan title: it will be multiplatform and it’s currently under development using the Gamebryo engine. Probably it will be an action-adventure title, but we don’t have any official word on that.

Giuseppe Crugliano, Managing Director of Twelve, said about the prospect of developing such an import game: “”It will be a huge but inspiring task, a timeless character, timeless ideals, further enhanced by the sheer quality of next-gen technology. Tarzan has been a hero for generations, irrespective of age, and we can’t wait to get to work on what we’re sure will be truly captivating gameplay.”

So, if you’re a gaming publisher or you just want to get more details, try contacting them via the official website.