ChefVille has just launched and one of our main goals will be that of getting more coins in the game, because it’s coins that matter the most and keep us (and the customers) happy because they allow us to build more and serve better recipes. Of course, getting more coins in ChefVille is not the easiest thing to do, but I have to share with you some tips and tricks on how to get more coins in the game, as well as general suggestion on actions that give you coins.

So let’s start and see how to get more coins in ChefVille!

1. Serving dishes. This is the main activity that brings you coins – even when you’re not in the game. Just make sure that you have a lot of dishes on your counters and people will come in and consume and in return you’ll make a lot of dishes.

TIP: Focus on mastering your dishes because dishes with more stars bring you more revenue (and keep your clients happy!).

2. For some quick extra coins in ChefVille, make sure to serve your clients yourself: by serving the clients you will earn some hot tips from them and quickly increase your coins. However, serving customers will consume energy, so keep an eye on the energy bar as well – you don’t want to be unable to prepare more dishes because you ran out of energy just to make some quick money!

3. Visit neighbors: even though it won’t make you rich, if you have 20 neighbors and you visit them all, you already have a big sum of money to spend on things in your restaurant.

4. Complete the ChefVille goals: this is pretty obvious and the rewards are very nice. So don’t ignore the missions: not only that they get the game going, but they also reward you with some hot coins to spend!

5. If you really have no other option, you can purchase coins for real money. This, however, shouldn’t be abused of (it’s better to spend the money on premium currency if you have to) but if you really need some extra coins and you can’t wait, this option can be taken in account.

What are your tips for getting more coins in ChefVille? Let us know in the comment section below.