Zynga have just launched ChefVille, their newest restaurant game on Facebook which seems right now a really fun game to play with a bunch of new concepts and gameplay features that we never seen before. I am here to share with you a beginner’s guide for ChefVille as well as tips and tricks to help you with your overall strategy of the game and turn your newly launched restaurant into the real deal!

So let’s start checking out this guide for ChefVille!

The biggest change brought in by ChefVille to the genre – if we are to compare it to Cafe World, at least – is that this time we will need to gather a lot of ingredients in order to make our dishes. It is risky because a similar concept was behind the formerly popular Restaurant City which had to close its doors. But at least this time it’s somewhat easier since you collect your ingredients from the surroundings and don’t depend on luck or friends anymore.

So your main goal in ChefVille will be that of getting ingredients – as many and as varied as possible. Start with the tomatoes and focus on them and harvest as soon as they are ready because tomatoes are the most required item at the start of the game since you need them for everything. Then, you will have to expand your ChefVille area and unlock new areas which will give you ingredients. Most of these ingredient areas also have a staffing option which will see you get more ingredients if staffed, so make sure to add your friends as staff as soon as possible. And finally, don’t forget to visit your friends and tend their dishes: depending on what they are serving, you have a chance of getting a free ingredient.

So really, unless you need it for a quest, do not waste your actions when visiting friends on anything BUT clicking on dishes to get free ingredients.

Visiting neighbors is also a must do as much as possible early in the game because you will earn hearts (reputation) which will allow you to purchase special things from the market – like special ingredients for those special recipes!

Coins and energy are also two major elements in the game and you should pay a lot of attention to them: you can get more coins by serving customers yourself, but this also consumes energy, and you need energy to collect ingredients and perform other tasks. So try to find the right balance between these two because you don’t want to end up waiting a few minutes for that extra energy!

Apart from that, there is not much strategy involved: just make sure that you always have something to serve your customers on the counter, while at the same time making sure that you don’t have a variety of dishes that’s too much for the number of counters.

Finally, ChefVille is a waiting game, one that requires patience – like most of the social games out there and requires you to be “social” and ask your friends for items, while also making sure that you send them items too. And from the early look of it, ChefVille seems to be a really polished and well done game!