Have you ever wanted to get those high scorestreaks like the pro players? Have you ever wanted to brag to your friends that you got a double swarm, if yes to all you have come to the right place! Unigamesity’s expert guide’s will help you become the pro player you have always wanted to be.

First, find the weapon you are most comfortable with, if you just started the game i would recommend The PDW, The MSMC and the Peacekeeper if you have the Revolution DLC. This tip is extremely important because if you’re using something you don’t like, you will probably not do well.

Do NOT camp, this is very vital because if you stay in one spot for a long period of time the enemies will know were you are and will kill you quickly, it is better if you rush through the map and stay to the edges, don’t go running out into the middle of the map and spraying, if you do this the enemies will kill you.

If you can play with a full party, this will help you a lot since you will be able to communicate with your team mates and they will call out where the enemies are so you know were to kill them. When you play by yourself it is harder, this is not a requirement but this gives you better chances if you’re going on big scorestreaks.

At first, use low scorestreaks and progress to the higher ones, this will make you get used to getting scorestreaks. I would recommend you using UAV, Counter UAV, and Lightning Strike then keep progressing until you can get those Lodestars and Swarms.

Watch and Read Tips and Tricks Guides – these will help you a lot, if you want Unigamesity has a Black Ops 2 best Sub Machine Gun class which you can check out, it is a really good class which can help you get your high scorestreaks easy.

Play on tactical, this is a Button Layout setting that swaps default Knife to B and default B to the old Knife, this makes drop shotting really easy to do which can help you in a lot of gunfights so you don’t die when you are close to that scorestreak.

That’s it for How To Get HIgh Scorestreaks In Black Ops 2, I hope this helped you and we will be releasing more things Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 very soon for you to get better at the game!