The first DLC for Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 has just been released as Black Ops 2 Revolution and most players who bought this DLC use the Peacekeeper. Unigamesity is here with a detailed guide that will show you how to make your Peacekeeper Class the best it can be! (Note: you will have to be max level and have your gun max level to make this Class!!!)

We start off with obviously the Gun, use the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard. The attachments we will be using is the Target Finder, The Suppressor and The Foregrip, this combination is amazing and got me so many amazing games and it should help you to get there too!

For Perk 1 we will be using Flak Jacket and Ghost (use Perk 1 Greed Wildcard to have 2 Perks), we are using this for Perk 1 since there are so many people throwing Lethals across the map because most of the maps in this pack are small and there are UAVs up in the air so much on these maps.

For Perk 2 we will be using Toughness so you can win your gunfights easier since flinch when shot affects your aim a lot and toughness makes your flinch go down a lot!

Finally for Perk 3 we will be using Tactical Mask, there are a lot of concussions and flashbangs flying all over the maps which is very annoying and Tactical Mask prevents that and is very useful.

And these are our tips for the best Peacekeeper class in the game and hopefully this will help you get it the best it could be and good luck with Black Ops 2 Revolution.