Hundreds of thousands of people play Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the main question everyone asks me everyday is how i get my gold guns so fast, i am here to tell you how to get your gold guns in a flash with Unigamesity’s detailed guide, so let’s get it started and let’s see how to get your sub machine gold guns fast!

Sub Machine Guns are probably the hardest gold guns to get in Black Ops 2 since most of the Guns have high recoil. The First Tip i can give you for Sub Machine Guns is to use a foregrip on them, this reduces the high recoil that Sub produces, (if you didn’t know what recoil is, it is what makes your gun move up when you are shooting and this effects your aim A LOT!).

The Second Tip for the Sub is to use any type of sight that suits you. For example A Reflex Sight, A EO Tech Sight etc. This can help you a lot when you are trying to complete the 100 headshots challenge because most sights make the ADS zoom in more so you can get those headshots easier.

The Final Tips for the Sub is to use the Foregrip, Laser Sight and Extended Mag (Use the Wildcard to have 3 Attachments), these attachments will help a lot when you are trying to complete the BloodThirsty Challenge, also when you are able to do the 150 kills with the gun (no attachments, no perks) challenge take of your attachments and perks not take of attachments and then perks, many of my friends do this and take a long time to get the gun gold.

This is the end of our guide, I hope this helped you get your Sub’s gold and Unigamesity will be releasing more gold gun tips everyday!