Although Alex and Steve skins are fine, you might want to change your skin to something more exciting and customized.

Let us walk you through the three most common ways how to get custom skins in Minicraft.

1. Download custom Skin Packs

The first way how to get custom skins in Minecraft is to download Skin Packs as purchasable content from within the game. Not all versions of the game feature Skin Packs but you will be able to find them in Windows 10 Edition, Minecraft PE, and the console editions (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii U, PS). There are dozens of Skin Packs currently available as downloadable paid content in Minecraft.

Minecraft fans can now look for additional custom skins in the long-anticipated Minecraft Marketplace launched in spring 2017. The new in-game marketplace gives Pocket Edition and Windows 10 players access to a variety of digital content created by and for Minecraft players. Minecraft Marketplace does not replace the existing in-app purchases offered by Microsoft; it rather supplements them. Marketplace lets Minecraft creators sell their custom skins as well as other projects to give them additional way to make a living from the Minecraft game.

Mods represent yet another way to leverage what is already existing in the community. For instance, many fans have already created great avatars like Superwoman, Mario, and other superheroes, folk heroes as well as cartoon characters! If you are interested in playing as these characters, search for what the Minecraft fans have already released to the broad community.

2. Customize existing skin

You can customize your inner skin, such as default character’s head, legs, and arms, as well as outer skin, such as helmets and clothing.

Ideas about How To customize your skin, you can find here.

1. Go to Options menu and then to Skin Customization
2. Select one of the default characters (Alex or Steve), download the skin template of the character chosen.
3. Copy the downloaded image and then paste it to any third-party paint editor on your PC, such as Microsoft Paint.
4. Decide which parts you want to edit in the 2D image. Each pixel in the editor represents a different portion of your three-dimensional Minecraft character.
5. You may want to change skin color, eye color, or clothing colors.
6. After you complete your editing, save the file on your PC.
7. Return to and select the appropriate character.
8. Upload the new skin you have just created by pressing the Upload button and picking the saved skin file.
9. Well done! You have succeeded creating and applying a new skin to your character in Minecraft.

succeeded creating and applying a new skin to your character in Minecraft.

3. Create new Minecraft skins with free editors

If you are more inclined to explore your own creativity yet find the method above too challenging, you may consider leveraging third-party online editors or Androids apps to build your own skin more effortlessly. MCSinner, SkinCraft and SkinEdit are just a few examples of such editors. They are easy to use, understandable, and versatile. Type “skin editor for Minecraft” into your search engine to locate many more editors like that.

When you are inside an editor, you will see that you can modify your skin one segment at a time. You can either customize your current skin bit by bit, or create an entirely different skin. When you have completed editing or creating your skin, save it as .png file on your PC. You will then need to upload it to your Profile page for the changes to come into force.


If you play Minecraft on a console (Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, etc.) exclusively, you cannot customize skins without hacking the game, unfortunately. But no matter what console you use, make sure you get an appropriate monitor such as a good monitor for xbox one.

The good news is that Minecraft has recently launched a new “Better Together” feature that unifies the game across (almost all) platforms. Windows 10, Pocket Edition and console become one unified game. That means the PE now has just as much content as the Windows 10 version, with all texture packs now unlocked – even including custom skins and textures on your console if you already play on the Windows 10 version.

As you see, changing Minecraft skins is quite simple and it is just one way to enhance your Minecraft experience.

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