Right now I am totally hyped about Skyrim and I already consider it the game of the year, but some of the other fellow gamers haven’t been so lucky and couldn’t get to experience Skyrim to the fullest because of game crashes, freezes, black screen and other problems, including an annoying launch crash of Skyrim. I have decided to do my best and try helping you get rid of these problems and I will share a few tips in this article on how to fix Skyrim crashes and other problems.

1. Most of the problems user experience are the Skyrim crash on launch problems (with the TESV.exe stopped working error message). This is, strangely enough, connected to the sound settings and can be easily fixed by following the steps below:

– Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound
– Select the output speakers being used and click Properties
– Under the advanced tab, change the sample rate to 24 bit / 44100 Hz (some user say that it works if you set it to 44.1Khz & 16-bit)

2. Other solutions for the Skyrim crash to desktop on launch

– Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed
– Disable anti-aliasing, filtering and V-sync
– Turn off all the other running software, including your antivirus
– Tune down the visual settings in the game
– Make sure that you have the latest DirectX version installed

3. If the game freezes during the intro video, you should try your game’s integrity (on Steam).

4. Some Skyrim crashes and other problems (like being unable to see the game menus or the main menu) are related to dual monitors. Until a patch is released by Bethesda, the only way to fix this problem is to unplug one of the monitors.

5. If you have sound related problems with Skyrim (characters don’t talk or you can’t make anything from what they say), try the solution at point 1 (with setting the sound properties to 24 bit / 44100 Hz).

6. If Skyrim crashes during the logo screen, this might be a problem related to the FFDshow codec. Check if you have it installed and uninstall it for the game to work properly.

I really hope that these tips will help you get the most out of Skyrim and stop the crashes to desktop and any other problems you might have. As a final tip, make sure that you actually try that sound fix – it is the one that fixes 90% of the problems with the game!

If you have any other suggestions to fix Skyrim crashes, please share them in the comment section below!