When it comes to role playing games, I always have big trouble when it comes to choosing the right race and usually I go for the one which looks better in my opinion which is usually a wrong way to make a choice in a game. And with Skyrim launched now and so many races to choose from, I have decided to create this article and tell you which is the best race to choose in Skyrim in my opinion and hopefully receive some feedback from you with the best race to choose in the game and hopefully help other people choose the right race in Skyrim.

Basically, before choosing the race you must think about the type of gameplay you want: there is no “perfect” race in Skyrim and you should decide first if you want to be a warrior or a mage (or maybe an overall player). Only then you should consider about choosing the best race for your character.

For the warriors, I would always choose an Orc, Redguard or Nord (I actually started my first game with a Nord and I am really pleased with this race).

On the other hand, if you want to focus on magic, I would suggest you choose the High Elves (Altmer) or even Dark Elves.

In the end, the thing is that the best race to choose in Skyrim is the race that best fits your playing style. Because if you plan on being a master mage, a stupid Orc that has nothing else than raw force won’t help you that much!

But enough of that – let me know which race do you consider to be the best race in Skyrim?


  1. well…actually a magic using brute was kinda how you HAD to do things if you wanted to be a magic character in oblivion… not in any of the others…except arena actually…ouch….that one was tough…but soooo fun…ahh to remake the world of arena…that would be AWWWSSSSOOOMMMEEE! excuse the qoute of The Miz from the Awesome Truth from the WWE..its just the truth….

    anyways, to play as a magic race is nice for a good magic start, but not required even if you want to be ultimate super, actually a better start is to focus magic while being strong enough to survive while you get your magic where you need it to be…once you get your magic where it needs to be, screw awesome armor, weapons, strength, and the likes. but it also works backwords! amazing I know! a magic based race CAN be a super melee/combat character equal to the other races!

  2. Breton, hands down. That extra 25 percent magic resistance is a lifesaver at times, and their racial ability to absorb magic is excellent as well. With the right build, you can take no magic damage whatsoever, which is very handy.

  3. Orc is the best! He uses Berserker rage which doubles physical damage and halves incoming damage (even magical). Just use it and charge dragon or some boss and hack and slash him to pieces with power attacks. Usualy there is no need for healing potion.
    I recommend two-wield, block is unnecessary. With two-wield enemies stagger a lot and their life is going down quickly.
    (skills: one-handed, heavy armor, smithing, enchanting)

  4. actually,orcs ain’t any stupider than the other elves,in the Winterhold College the book keeper is actually a very erudite orc,the good thing about role play is that you can make the story of your character,my orc is always a genius,and my high elf is usually very humble

  5. Orcs can be very useful but I really like Redguards as well. Redguards can make Stamina increase 10x faster for a minute and that means youcan run away if you’re getting beaten or just use lots of power attacks. Thing I don’t really like about Skyrim is that there are no classes. So that means anyone can be anything. An Orc could be a master mage or an orc could be a master sneaky assassin. It’s kind of unrealistic but overall I would say Orc. The stat bonuses don’t really matter once you get to level 6 so that said you really should pick depending on their racial power. Orcs Bezerker Rage lets them deal double damage and take half damage so good for anyone that’s annoying you and you can’t get past them because they’re too strong. Also, being aloud inside the Orcish Strongholds is good because when I was a redguard they wouldn’t let me in. So I would say Orc for a warrior and Altmer (High Elf) for Mage. For an assassin you could go Argonian because Khajiit special power is useless but your Orc could be a ninja if you wanted him too. :)


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