There’s been a flurry of panic and hate directed towards Microsoft for their announcement of the Xbox One. Not directed at the machine itself, but rather, that the “always online” part of a rumor is true. While Microsoft may be getting negative publicity, here’s why the Xbox One has already beat the PS4, and won next generation.

The Xbox One is the first true next generation console. With features like merging TV and gaming consoles, expanding Kinect, and increasing the hardware tons over the 360, the Xbox One looks to be the one stop for all your entertainment needs. It’ll play Blu Rays (a big complaint with the 360), you can watch TV, listen to music, and even make Skype calls. The technology in the Xbox One is truly amazing, and I, for one, can’t wait to use it.

Now, the PS4 is certainly packing a punch. I’ll give it that. It’s hitting hard, with better RAM, and (seemingly) better games. But, Microsoft announced that we’re going to see tons of new IP’s in the first year of the Xbox One. Everyone that was complaining that Microsoft didn’t have franchises in the later years of the 360? Can’t complain anymore. The graphics the machine produces look stunning, and are sure to blow all away.

But the main reason the Xbox One will beat the PS4? The name. The 360 was more popular than the PS3, And the One will be more popular than the PS4. The Xbox is a household name. Chances are, you either own an Xbox or know several people who do. It appeals to casuals, hardcores, even moms and grandparents. The online gaming community proves that Xbox is superior to the PS4, and Xbox will be the go-to console for multiplayer gaming, I guarantee that much. Xbox has its work cut out for it, but they’ve already won next generation.