There’s been a flurry of panic and hate directed towards Microsoft for their announcement of the Xbox One. Not directed at the machine itself, but rather, that the “always online” part of a rumor is true. While Microsoft may be getting negative publicity, here’s why the Xbox One has already beat the PS4, and won next generation.

The Xbox One is the first true next generation console. With features like merging TV and gaming consoles, expanding Kinect, and increasing the hardware tons over the 360, the Xbox One looks to be the one stop for all your entertainment needs. It’ll play Blu Rays (a big complaint with the 360), you can watch TV, listen to music, and even make Skype calls. The technology in the Xbox One is truly amazing, and I, for one, can’t wait to use it.

Now, the PS4 is certainly packing a punch. I’ll give it that. It’s hitting hard, with better RAM, and (seemingly) better games. But, Microsoft announced that we’re going to see tons of new IP’s in the first year of the Xbox One. Everyone that was complaining that Microsoft didn’t have franchises in the later years of the 360? Can’t complain anymore. The graphics the machine produces look stunning, and are sure to blow all away.

But the main reason the Xbox One will beat the PS4? The name. The 360 was more popular than the PS3, And the One will be more popular than the PS4. The Xbox is a household name. Chances are, you either own an Xbox or know several people who do. It appeals to casuals, hardcores, even moms and grandparents. The online gaming community proves that Xbox is superior to the PS4, and Xbox will be the go-to console for multiplayer gaming, I guarantee that much. Xbox has its work cut out for it, but they’ve already won next generation.


  1. Lol. I think I’ll just sit back and wait for people to tear you apart. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but usually those opinions involve wholistic views from both sides of the fence. This seems more to be like you only own a 360 and so know the Xbox experience better/conform to what Microsoft does more easily.

  2. This is complete fanboy rubbish. Your big point is the name and yet it is well documented that the gaming community hates the name. Secondly the 360 was not more popular that the PS3. That is a total statement with no fact to back it up. Yes the 360 outsold the PS3 in the states, but lost the battle worldwide. Sony has sold more PS3’s worldwide than Microsoft has 360’s. I own both platforms and find the experience for gaming to be better on PS3. Better graphics, faster gameplay, and Ive only had to by 1 PS3 versus 3 360’s. I own both due to exclusive games. Love Halo, and love some God of War, and destroy on both version of CoD. Youre not even in touch with your supposed community. True gamers, those that jump on gaming websites, don’t want a cable box they can talk to, they want a monster machine with better graphics, faster gameplay and load times, better online servers with less latency. MS is not marketing to gamers, they are marketing to people looking for entertainment. The reason people are hating online is because they are gamers who do 2 things: play games and surf the net….not watch tv. My cable internet provider mandates that I have a box. I don’t need another one. That’s redundant. Redundancy increases latency. 3 OS running at once with numerous apps that we will download. 8 gb of memory where 3 are reserved for OS, so really 5 gb of memory. Playstation revealed less but has shown already they have a more powerful system. MS lied and said there system isn’t an always online system, but in order to play a game that you have just bought you have to connect to the internet to install the first time. Sooooo that means no internet, no gaming which to me is like buying from a used car salesman. I myself may have to give up Halo because I already have a cable box. Instead of investing in a tv show I have no interest in seeing, how about upgrading the memory. I don’t want to be watched by MS (Kinect- we can even see your heart rate and know if your agitated in a fps) The only thing Xbox One has won, are the casual consumers who are ignorant to a true gaming machine. First time buyers. True gamers will go with the system meant for gaming. To be honest the only thing Xbox did to maintain some of their customer base was keep those that are impatient and want CoD content 30 days earlier. I have a feeling that after that agreement is up at the end of Ghosts Xbox will start to wonder where the went wrong. We don’t want entertainment. We want games. Better games. Better servers.

  3. Good article. I’ve noticed a lot of Xbox bashing flooding the internet this last week. It’s disappointing that people are being so rude about this. I have both systems and I do prefer the Xbox, but my main reasoning is the controller is larger and the plastic casing is more porous. I don’t see the point of trash talking the Xbox or people that like it. I think both systems will have their pros and cons. It’s just the nature of the beast.


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