Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds is a golf simulation game, the fifth in the Everybody’s Golf Series. It is also known as Everybody’s Golf: World Tour or Everybody’s Golf 5. The game was developed by Clap Hanz and published by Sony. It was released on March 18, 2008. Below you will find a full collection of unlockables for Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds.


Completion bonus
Successfully complete Single Player mode to unlock all clubs, characters, and caddies.

Anya: Defeat Anya in Challenge mode.
Bjorn: Defeat Bjorn in Challenge mode.
Bloom: Defeat Bloom in Challenge mode.
Dino: Defeat Dino in Challenge mode.
Felipe: Defeat Felipe in Challenge mode.
Fernando: Defeat Fernando in Challenge mode.
Kate: Defeat Kate in Challenge mode.
L.J.: Defeat L.J. in Challenge mode.
S. Marayuma: Defeat S. Marayuma in Challenge mode.
Sasha: Defeat Sasha in Challenge mode.
Sonia: Defeat Sonia in Challenge mode.
Sophie: Defeat Sophie in Challenge mode.
Suzuki: Play 10 rounds.

Loyalty bonuses
Level 4: Rising and Homing
Level 7: Club level 2
Level 10: Spiral.
Level 11: Club level 3
Level 12: Impact improves.

Menu characters
Bjorn: Gold
Jasmine: Seeded-Pro
Kate: Platinum
Sophie: Bronze

Bonnie: Junior
Clark: Gold
Eva: Silver
Maru-Chan: Pro
Rina: Bronze
Trent: Beginner

Play 20 rounds on the following courses:

Armored Zombie: Euro Classic G.C. (regular tee)
Bear: Highland C.C. (long tee)
Blue Whale: The Crown Links (long tee)
Child Witch: Euro Classic G.C. (long tee)
Glider: The Crown Links (regular tee)