It’s been a long while since I last played a Match-three game and probably even longer since I recommended one on Unigamesity, so I decided to change that. Today we’re going to learn more about the latest Match 3 game on Big Fish Games, Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc, a really nice game for those who love their match three game!

In this game, you have to help Joan of Arc to build a new Kingdom and change the fate of the people. Journey through beautiful scenery, relaxing music and the thrilling process of building a city in this engaging Match 3 game. Dive into an epic story of honor and courage and save the day in Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc!

Basically, playing the Match 3 scenes helps you earn money which in turn allows you to build structures in your city and therefore advance it. There are two game modes (timed and relaxes) as well as three possible matching options (swap, pop and chain) as well as power-ups and all sorts of blocks to make your life more difficult.

Even though Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc is not the most difficult, nor the most complex Match 3 game, it’s perfect for me and for everybody who hasn’t played one in a long time and wants to make up for the lost time.

So if you’re interested in getting yourself Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc, head over to Big Fish Games (click the link to visit) and have fun playing it!