A new Guild Wars 2 trailer appeared at Gamescom this year and with it came a whole new level of excitement for MMO players eagerly awaiting the game’s, as of yet, unannounced release date.

Forgiving the trailer’s deception of tricking its viewers into thinking it had ended not once, but twice – the trailer hypes up Guild Wars 2 to even the most hardened of cynics. The prospect of having an MMO without a dedicated healing class seems to have gamers either doubting the game’s ability to perform or waiting on the edge of their seats to see if this could be the next stage in MMO evolution.

Whether you’ve written this game off as a flop, are on the fence, or refresh the Guild Wars 2 homepage every twenty minutes to check for an update, you have to admit: this game is going to be beautiful. The watercolor artwork in Guild Wars 2 sets it apart from other upcoming MMOs. Even the site itself is based upon artwork and not fancy technology, which should give you a glimpse into the game’s tone and feel.

Couple stunning artwork with breathtaking music, the first 1/3 of the trailer feels like a bittersweet eulogy to a fantasy land long-since forgotten. But that quickly ends with the rest of the trailer as you watch two players who are suddenly confronted with one scary looking dragon!

The trailer explores a little bit of all the classes, the most noticeable being the Necromancer and the Engineer. Watching the Necromancer pull forth an army of undead arms and the Engineer set off a turret to reduce their enemies to nothing is both captivating and pretty kick-ass.

Showcasing several bosses found throughout Guild Wars 2 was a smart move, showing both the size and the ferocity of these boss fights. We’ve come a long way from fighting dragons in caves. Here we see skyscraper sized Cyclopes, giant lava-spitting robots and a frosty version of a Graboid (Tremors anyone?) No matter which boss fight you thought looked coolest, don’t be ashamed to admit your favorite part was watching the Asura get stomped by the Cyclops.

The Guild Wars 2 trailer leaves all of us asking the same thing: when can I play?