The Secret World Beta Sign Up Plagued By Crashes and Disappointments

Those of us who were eagerly watching the countdown for beta sign up over at were met with disappointments and delays. Beta sign up was supposed to occur on August 26th, but after a site crash and a countdown counter reset of 4 hours, the site has officially delayed their beta sign up.

The Secret World creator, Funcom, expressed their regret for the delay and said, “Due to technical difficulties we have decided to postpone the first phase of the Secret War experience and the beta registration until further notice.”

No news on when beta registration will be up and running again, but Funcom is not off to a great start with their new MMO. With declining participation in Age of Conan and overall faith in Funcom’s active games, the company is going to have to try putting forth a better effort at selling The Secret World as a stable and long-lasting MMO, especially up against some heavy-hitting competitors like SWTOR and GW2.

The Secret World is slated for an April 2012 release. That is, if there are no further technical issues to delay it.

Update: Or is it?


  1. It could have. If you look at The Secret War’s website and the announcement for the delay, you’ll see this line:

    “P.S: The delay has also been picked up by the Council of Venice, who are already on the case!”

    It’s all how you want to look at it. If it was planned, the people who were sitting there waiting to sign up for beta were all really, really mad.

  2. Not all of us are really,really mad.

    I suspect that it was both unplanned and planned.
    They are indeed having technical Difficulties, the FB end of it was done by an outside party fwiw, and some of us suspect that is where their execution may have run into some snags.

    It is important to remember that there were many elements to this kick-off of the secret war, the beta sign up being only one.

    I also suspect that their Agenda may include this Arg as a more efficient way of determining who should be utilized for the Beta testing, and at what stage they should be allowed in.

    We overcame Requirements that were posted on The Dark Places Twitter page.

    We not only had fun working together as a community, We Learned a Great Deal about The Secret & The Real World.

    And probably Demonstrated to the Developers in Charge of the Beta that we are capable of following instructions without whining (a prerequisite for beta testing)

    Please note that a great many of us feel the Secret War has already begun, whether the Beta testing sign-up has or not.


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