The Secret World Beta Sign Up Plagued By Crashes and Disappointments

Those of us who were eagerly watching the countdown for beta sign up over at were met with disappointments and delays. Beta sign up was supposed to occur on August 26th, but after a site crash and a countdown counter reset of 4 hours, the site has officially delayed their beta sign up.

The Secret World creator, Funcom, expressed their regret for the delay and said, “Due to technical difficulties we have decided to postpone the first phase of the Secret War experience and the beta registration until further notice.”

No news on when beta registration will be up and running again, but Funcom is not off to a great start with their new MMO. With declining participation in Age of Conan and overall faith in Funcom’s active games, the company is going to have to try putting forth a better effort at selling The Secret World as a stable and long-lasting MMO, especially up against some heavy-hitting competitors like SWTOR and GW2.

The Secret World is slated for an April 2012 release. That is, if there are no further technical issues to delay it.

Update: Or is it?