There is quite a bunch of Augmentations to choose from in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, all of them allowing you to customize your character exactly as you see fit, in order to play the game as you want to. In this article I will share with you a complete guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmentations and a few tips on what to do to pick the best augs for your character.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cranium Augmentations

Social Enhancer – Enables you to make better decisions when talking to NPCs by allowing you to sense how the characters are reacting to conversations. Even more, when upgraded, allows you to convince characters do what you ask from them without the need of further evidence or such.

Wayfinder Radar – A really useful upgrade since it provides you with a radar system that shows the location of the characters, including enemy combatants, electronic devices, or other targets of interest. You can upgrade it for just one Praxis point to have a range of 50 meters (instead of 25) and to also include all characters on the radar, even if you haven’t seen them yet!

Infolink – Allows your character to communicate with the headquarters without being heard and stores relevant maps, conversations, mission details and notes.

Stealth Enhancer – It reduces the noise that you make while walking and, if upgraded, gets to show you the line of sight of opponents and even track them for planning further action. A useful and rather cheap Augmentation, but have in mind that are some more powerful ones available (even though more expensive in terms of Praxis points).

Hacking: Capture – a really useful upgrade if you plan to be Mr Hack-a-lot in the game. Allows you to hack higher level terminals and gives access to more advanced units, like turrets and robots.

Hacking: Analyze – not very useful, in my opinion. Gives you some extra info about how long it will take to hack and even the data stored.

Hacking Fortify – helps you hack the higher level terminals by increasing the rating of your fortify while hacking.

Hacking Stealth – Decreases the chance of your character being detected while hacking.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Torso Augmentations

Sentinel RX Health System – an augmentation that allows your health to regenerate.

Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter – a very useful Augmentation, since it controls how often you can use your manually activated augmentations, allowing for cells to regenerate over time or even adding more cells. Really useful!

Implanted Rebreather – Increases your sprint duration and makes you immune to gas from gas grenades. So I guess that it’s pretty obvious that it’s a must have for those who like to fight a lot.

Typhoon Explosive System – a powerful weapon that launches explosives that damage or destroy completely everything that stands in their way. Very useful, but requires energy to use.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Arm Augmentations

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis – another really nice augmentation. It allows you to break walls in order to surprise your enemies, move heavy objects, reduce weapon’s recoil and increase inventory size (depending on the choices you make).

Aim Stabilizer – pretty obvious what it does, this upgrade is only good for those who like to fight in open spaces, while running and gunning. Otherwise pretty useless.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Eye Augmentations

Smart Vision – another must have augmentation which allows you to see your enemies better (even through walls), so it’s really useful!

Eye-Now Retinal Prosthesis – Depending on the path that you follow, it allows you to either become immune to flashbangs or/and how much time is left until the enemies are no longer in an alarmed state.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Back Augmentations

Quicksilver Reflex Booster – this is a really useful augmentations for those who prefer to get stealthy (or prefer close combat) since it allows you to take down two enemies at once.

Icarus Landing System – Allows you to fall down from great heights without worries and even stun enemies when you land behind them.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Skin Augmentations

Rhino Dermal Armour – Greatly reduces the damage that you take in combat.

Glass-Shield Cloaking System – It makes you completely invisible for a short (or longer) period of time. However, it does not remove the sound that you make when you move. Still, a really useful augmentation.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leg Augmentations

Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis – Removes the sound that you make when you move (so it’s pretty obvious with what other aug it should be paired with!) and also allows you to jump higher or sprint longer.

These are the augmentations that you can purchase in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But which are the best to purchase?

Well, this depends a lot on your playing style, of course, but there are just a few augmentations that you should have no matter what: the Energy Converter, the Radar System and Arm Prosthesis should be your picks.

Which are your favorite augs in the game?


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