As you probably know already, many players are having a hard time with Deus Ex: Human Revolution because of constant crashes and freezes and many did not manage to fix their problems with our guide. Fortunately, the developers of the game have just released a new patch for Deus Ex: Human Revolution that fixes most of the game problems.

Available on Steam and automatically applied when you start the game, the patch fixes the following:

– A frequent issue for AMD/ATI hardware users that can cause the game to crash on startup.
– Improvements to loading speed. The speed increase depends on machine spec and settings, but loading time improvements of over 50% have been measured on some machines.

Some control fixes:

– Diagonal movement is no longer faster as intended.
– Adjustments have been made to mouse sensitivity in response to user feedback.
– Mouse sensitivity for X and Y axis can still be configured separately, but is now consistent when set to default settings.
– The range of settings for mouse sensitivity has been adjusted to provide for more accurate adjusting.
– The default mouse sensitivity has been altered to be somewhat less sensitive.

Hopefully this will allow us to get a gaming experience as flawless-free as possible!