It appears that the virtual inhabitants of the virtual world in Cafe World love culture since a new play is coming to town and you must complete a catering order to go with it. I am sure you want to know all the details about this catering order, so here it is what you need to to in order to complete the Cafe World Opening Night Catering Order:

– Serve Smoked Salmon Latkes 400 times
– Serve Lavish Lamb Curry 90 times
– Serve Veggie Lasagna 30 times
– Serve Delicious Chocolate Cake 24 times
– Collect 15 Comedy Mask
– Collect 15 Tragedy Mask

You can hire 14 friends to help you with this Opening Night Catering order and you should take advantage of this since in order to get the maximum reward, you must complete it within 5 days. If you do, you will get a reward of 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 and the Big Ol’ Cookie Cake recipe unlocked.